İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı 

İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı

 İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı Alıştırmaları

  İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı Çalışmaları

 1 –  İngilizcee Proficiency Sınavı ( İngilizcee Proficiency Sınavı için Bireysel – Özel Ders )
2 –  İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı ( İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı için 4 kişilik Gruplarla Ders )

1 ) Several uncrewed cargo spacecraft service the ISS, they are the Russian Progress spacecraft……………. has done so since 2000.

A) which
B) in which
C) where
D) when
E) whose

2 ) ……….. the replacement of Sean O’Keefe, NASA’s procurement schedule and strategy completely changed, as described above.

A) Even though
B) Just as
C) Even if
D) If only
E) After

3 ) In July 2004, ………… he was named NASA administrator, Michael Griffin participated in a study called “Extending Human Presence Into the Solar System”

A) as well as
B) yet
C) by  the time
D) as far as
E) before

4 ) This would allow a derivative of the same lander to be used on later Mars missions, …………… methane propellant can be manufactured from the Martian soil in a process known as in-situ resource utilization.

A) what
B) where
C) whomever
D) whose
E) whether

İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı5 ) ………… the orbiter’s space mission was complete, it fired its OMS thrusters to drop out of orbit and re-enter the lower atmosphere.

A) So long as
B) If only
C) In case
D) When
E) Only if

 İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı


6 ) ………….. the end of Second Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese Civil War resumed between the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Nationalists.

A) As soon as
B) After
C) Although
D) Because
E) Since

7 ) ………….. the Communists were struggling for supremacy in Manchuria, they were supported by the North Korean government with matériel and manpower.

A) Once
B) While
C) Until
D) Unless
E) As long as

8 ) ………….. the rapid post–Second World War Allied demobilizations, there were substantial U.S. forces occupying Japan; under General Douglas MacArthur’s command, they could be made ready to fight the North Koreans.

A) Owing to
B) because of
C) In case of
D) Despite
E) Instead of

9 ) …………… Kim’s early successes had led him to predict that he would end the war by the end of August, Chinese leaders were more pessimistic.

A) Although
B) As soon as
C) When
D) Even if
E) If only

10 ) ………… the current valley glaciers of the Himalaya reach at most 20 to 32 kilometres in length, several of the main valley glaciers were 60 to 112 kilometres long during the ice age.

A) Because
B) Even if
C) While
D) As though
E) Since


1 ) A
2 ) E
3 ) E
4 ) B
5 ) D
6 ) B
7 ) B
8 ) D
9 ) A
10 ) C


İngilizce Proficiency Sınavı


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