Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 2


Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık , Örnek

1 –  Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık ( Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık için Bireysel – Özel Ders)
2 – Odtü  Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık ( Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık için 4 kişilik Gruplarla Ders )

It was almost dark when we arrived ___37__ the hotel ___38__ we were planning to spend the night.

.a) to

b) at
c) __
d) in

.a) which

b) what
c) that
d) where

Virtually ___39__ improvement in plumbing systems was made __40__ the time of the Romans until the
19th century.
a) not                

 b) no                         
 c) none                     
 d) not only                 

.a) from

b) since
c) during
d) by

The baby ___41___ from drowning by a quick-thinking teenager is making good progress and ___42___ to go home soon.
.a) having saved           

b) being saved                     
c) saved                                
d) was saved

.a) is allowing

b) will be allowed
c) allows
d) is being allowed

Studies show that students with high self-esteem get ___43___ ratings from both themselves and their teachers than ___44___ with low self-esteem.
.a) high              

b) higher                      
c) very high               
d) the highest             

a) those

b) that
c) ones
d) others

A group of scientists working in eastern Kazakhstan ___45___ an extraordinary discovery in the frozen wastes: a tiny tooth less than 2 mm across. It belongs to a pouched mammal, or marsupial, which makes it the first remains of a marsupial ever ___46___ in Asia.
a) reporting

b) has reported
c) is reporting
d) to report
a) to be found

b) been found
c) having found
d) being found

It’s a pity you ___47___ come to the picnic on Sunday. The weather was ___48___ cold but we___49___ warm by eating Sarah’s wonderful homemade soup. The picnic basket was quite heavy on the way there, but it was ___50___ lighter when we carried it home. We played volleyball on the beach until it started raining and ___51___ we came home – tired and wet, but feeling great.

a) hadn’t

b) shouldn’t
c) wouldn’t
d) couldn’t

a) rather

b) much
c) enough
d) too

a) had to keep

b) would keep
c) have kept
d) were able to keep

a) a lot

b) lots
c) a lot of
d) lots of

a) when

b) after
c) then
d) before

Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 2A speaker delivering a persuasive speech can make use of the testimonial technique. The speaker chooses a person ___52___ by the audience. Sometimes the person is local, ___53___ more often he/she is a national figure. Names __54___ Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Dwight Eisenhower, and Martin Luther King inspire good feelings in the audience. The speaker then implies that if one of these heroic people ___55___ there, that person would do something this way or that way. There is ___56___ anyevidence that these people ever spoke about the particular issue, but the speaker claims he or she knows___57___ these famous people would feel.

a) admiring
b) admired
c) admiringly
d) admirable

a) because

b) indeed
c) but
d) also

a) for example

b) similar to
c) as
d) like

a) would have been

b) were
c) had been
d) would be

a) seldom

b) sometimes
c) yet
d) still

a) however

b) that
c) how
d) why

It is widely believed that medical science has been gradually and systematically reducing civilisation’s
diseases. In the past, ___58___ ignorance and superstition that resulted in epidemics like the medieval plagues. However, during the 19th and 20th centuries, scientists finally managed to discover ___59___ infectious diseases and began to cure them with drugs and immunisation. Above all, improved technology and advances in anaesthesia enabled surgeons to carry out sophisticated operations; penicillin and antibiotics helped complete the advance. And yet, some people disagree. ___60___ point out that more credit ought to be given to social reformers ___61___ for purer water and better sewage disposal so that___62___. It is their opinion that the drugs and antibiotics merely speeded up the process. ___63___ this contribution was valuable, it did not lower the level of disease in general.

a) that the combination of

b) it was the combination of
c) the combination of
d) there was the combination of

a) that caused

b) causing
c) whichever caused
d) what caused

a) Those

b) They
c) Some
d) Others

a) whose campaigns

b) campaigned
c) who campaigned
d) being campaigned

a) to improve living standards

b) it improves living standards
c) living standards should be improved
d) living standards could be improved


a) In spite of
b) Nonetheless
c)  While
d)   Even so

Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 2The origins of baseball probably stretch back to 1839, ___64___ Abner Doubleday, a civil engineering student, laid out a diamond-shaped field at Cooperstown, New York and attempted ___65___ the rules governing the playing of ___66___ games as ‘town ball’ and ‘four old cats’, the ancestors of baseball. By the end of the Civil War, interest ___67 _ the game had grown rapidly. There were over 200 teams or clubs, ___68___ toured the country playing rivals. They belonged to a national association of ‘ Baseball Players’ that had proclaimed a set of standard rules. These teams were amateurs or semi-professionals, but as the game waxed in popularity, it offered opportunities for profit, and the first professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, ___69___ in 1869. Other cities soon fielded professional teams, and in 1876 the present National League ___70___.


a) at which
b) then
c) when
d) in that


a) standardizing
b) to standardize
c) standardization
d) standardize


a) the
b) same
c) some
d) such


a) in
b) for
c) about
d) with


a) some
b) those of which
c) some of which
d) of which


a) appeared
b) had appeared
c) was appearing
d) has appeared


a) organised
b) was organised
c) had been organised
d) had organised