Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 3


Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık, Örnek

1 –  Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık ( Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık için Bireysel – Özel Ders)
2 – Odtü  Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık ( Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık için 4 kişilik Gruplarla Ders )

71. He devised a folding toothbrush for travellers.
a) sold                 c) invented
b) brought         d) described

72. Before landing the plane, the pilot checked with the tower for verification of her location.
a) information about            c) mention of
b) guidance on                      d) confirmation of

73. Eagles deliberately position their nests in high trees or on cliffs away from other animals.
a) intentionally                     c) conveniently
b) independently                 d) constantly

74. Rhythm, although associated most often with music, is a component of poetry as well.
a) an element                     c) a virtue
b) an attraction                 d) a material

75. Most of the conversation between the men was intelligible.
a) rapid                              c) understandable
b) disagreeable                 d) negotiable

76. Proper insulation prevents heat loss during the winter and allows the building to remain cool in
a) aids                              c) reduces
b) stops                           d) produces

77. It is inevitable that smoking will damage your health.
a) invading                     c) unavoidable
b) unhealthy                  d) intriguing

78. Do you think your question is pertinent to the matter we are discussing?
a) perceptive                 c) discriminating
b) relevant                    d) apparent

79. The teacher asked the student to eliminate all the long sentences from the text.
a) replace                      c) cut down
b) take out                    d) substitute

80. Fish have lived on the earth longer than any other backboned animal and have shown great diversity
throughout their lifespan.
a) variation                  c) evolution
b) adaptation              d) satisfaction


Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 3Questions 81-90

On your answer sheet, mark the alternative which best completes the meaning of each sentence.

81. A politician’s private life should be _______ with his political beliefs so that people won’t accuse him
of having double standards.
a) reasonable c) constant
b) considerate d) consistent

82. I can’t possibly ________ with such behaviour in class so try to control yourselves.
a) get away c) put up
b) get on d) put away

83. The governor faxed a message to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and demanded a(n) ________ reply
so that he could take action immediately.
a) urgent c) genuine
b) accurate d) rational

84. The girl’s ________ in Spanish made her a valuable translator.
a) competition c) eagerness
b) competence d) encouragement

85. People work very hard all their lives to ________ as many material possessions as possible.
a) accumulate c) require
b) acknowledge d) realise

86. Aspirin has become a widespread drug due to its ability to ________ all kinds of pain.
a) devastate c) accelerate
b) alleviate d) enhance

87. Jack _______ needs to be looked after. He cannot possibly continue his life as a bachelor.
a) exceptionally c) indefinitely
b) in particular d) desperately

88. The long-term _______ of the break up of the Soviet Union are still far from clear.
a) reasons c) implications
b) interactions d) solutions

Odtü Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 389. Some people compare the ________ of a second language to the way a baby learns his first language.
a) experience c) adoption
b) exception d) acquisition

90. Being so hard-working and efficient, he ________ a promotion.
a) deserves c) supports
b) avoids d) invites