Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 2

Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık

Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık

1 –  Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı  Hazırlık (Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık için Bireysel – Özel Ders )
2 –  Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı  Hazırlık ( Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık için 4 kişilik Gruplarla Ders )


Exercise 1 : Read the following sentences carefully. Find the correct answer and mark it. 

81.Ayse was not surprised she ______________ a cold after the concert. 
82. If you sense danger, please call me _____________________________. 
83. _____ he was walking down the street, he ran into Jane. 
84. After I have seen him, I will _________ know my opinion about him. 
 tell you 
 let you 
 say you 
 inform you 
85. Leyla was __________________________ to have missed the concert. She really wanted to see it. 
86. Due to the _________ of a military conflict, the two countries were encouraged to talk. 
87. The width of the ___________ depends on the overall size of the painting. 
88. Our driver is very____________; he will repair the car himself. 
89. The government ___________ control the inflation rate or we will continue to get poorer. 
 have to 
 had to 
 has too 
 has to 
90. I’m quite __________________of finishing the work myself. 
Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 291. He told me this in secret. I am not allowed to _____________ anyone else. 
92. Lets cancel the meeting. There is not ___________ to talk to him about. 
93. Everybody voted in the elections ___________ him. I don’t know why he did not. 
 as well 
94. Mehmet arrived _____________ Istanbul last Wednesday. 
95. She _______ the answer to me again, but I still do not fully understand it. 
96. For the ______________ of the storm, people remained under cover. 
97. I’m __________________a phone call from my parents tonight. 
98. We were late ___________________the traffic jam. 
 due to 
99. I am tired _____ listening to you. Please say something else. 
100. 100. He considered the splitting of the atom to be the major scientific______________ of the century. 
101. There is a glut of engineers in the job ____________, and many graduates cannot get good jobs. 
102. . From earliest recorded history, humans have competed to own as much ___________ land as possible. 
103. The new grammar book contains many different types of ____________. 
104. Don’t worry about driving home tonight. You can stay in our _______________ room. 
105. The police questioned the young man. He clearly was not guilty because he had a/an ______. 
106. That overseas company wanted to be ____________ International Business Machines. 
 branched with 
 combined with 
 associated with 
 connected with 
107. Whenever I get close to a dog I always get very __________. I don’t know why I panic so much. 
108. I never eat big grapes. I do not like the _____________ inside. 
109. I hate my room mate. He is so _____________ . He wants to know everything I do. 
110. I’ll be in New York soon. I will _________________ when I get there. 
 look you in 
 look you up 
 look you out 
 look you 

Exercise 2

Sabancı Üniversitesi Proficiency Sınavı Hazırlık 2Read the following sentences carefully and find the correct form of the word given at the end of each sentence. Write the correct form of the word in the answer box provided.

Example: The actors appeared on stage in alphabetical order.   ALPHABET 

111. There is little I can   that will change the situation. SUGGEST112. When you go   , don’t forget to take a torch. CAMP113. The   asked him several interesting questions. INTERVIEW114. The film was boring. It was completely   . FORGET115. By November all millennium   will have been completed. PREPARE116. After the storm there was total   in the city. CONFUSE117. The price of   a letter has just gone up again. SEND

118. I wish I could change my   . I want to be French. NATION

119. When conducting research, a   approach is required. SYSTEM

120. Penicillin was a major scientific  of this century. DISCOVER